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SHANDONG JINTA MACHINERY GROUP CO., LTD. (FEICHENG JINTA MACHINERY CO., LTD.)   becomes a collectivized enterprise, integrating research and development, production and manufacturing, trade and service.

After decades of constant efforts and innovation, Jinta has become  the manufacturing base of alcohol /ethanol production line and waste water treatment equipment in China, which defines national standard of "Alcohol Distillation Column"、“Furfural Distillation Column” and "Furfural Hydrolysis Pot", which has obtained lots of national patents on remarkable energy-saving in alcohol industry and comprehensive utilization on stillage processing and which leads the technology development trend of Chinese alcohol production equipment. Alcohol production and environmental production equipment with "JINTA" brand has been the first choice of clients at home and abroad especially renowned large-scale distilleries and been exported to dozens of countries in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, South America and etc.

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According to the customers output and quality requirements, the use of 2--8 towers to produce general-grade alcohol, premium grade alcohol and premium grade alcohol, can also produce fuel alcohol, and provide corresponding carbon dioxide recovery, sewage treatment and other supporting projects.


According to the requirements of customers, we can design and manufacture a variety of chemical equipment, such as furfural, hydrogen peroxide, ethyl acetate, acetic acid, nitric acid, benzene, methanol, epichlorohydrin, monosodium glutamate, acetic acid, cyclohexanone, etc.


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Upgrade the corporate group to open a new era


July 31, 2020, will be an important day in the history of the company in the history of Jintas development. Upon approval, Feicheng Jinta Machinery Co., Ltd. changed its registration to Shandong Jinta Machinery Group Co., Ltd. 20 years of hard work and hard work, forge ahead and create brilliance. Starting in 2001, Jinta has been restructuring and restructuring, striding forward on the road of steady, harmonious and high-quality development, achieving a leap from small to large and from weak to strong. Govern the enterprise in accordance with the law, cooperate with integrity, have no distractions, focus on the main business, lay a solid foundation for development, build four pillars and eight pillars, and work together to build a group organization structure and operation management with Jinta as the parent company and 5 wholly-owned subsidiaries system. Over the years, Jinta has unswervingly adhered to the leadership of party building, cultivated excellent corporate culture, adhered to the path of technological innovation, accelerated the pace of transformation and upgrading, and successively won the national high-tech enterprise, national manufacturing single champion model enterprise, and the national "Ankang Cup" The winning unit of the competition and the trademark "Golden Characters and Pictures" were recognized as Chinas well-known trademarks, and it was shortlisted for 4 consecutive years among Chinas top 50 light industry equipment manufacturers, and won the title of Provincial Civilized Unit and Shandong Province Labor Relations Harmonious Enterprise. Leading market development with technological innovation, presided over the formulation of 3 national industry standards of "Alcohol Distillation Tower", "Furfural Distillation Tower" and "Furfural Hydrolysis Pot", participated in the formulation of more than 10 industry standards, owned more than 60 national patents, and owned 4 Provincial enterprise technology center, won the national intellectual property advantage enterprise. Integrate into the "One Belt One Road", open up the international market, obtain ASME (ASME) international certification, and export products to more than 30 countries. At the important node of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Jinta, the upgrade of Shandong Jinta Machinery Group Co., Ltd. deserves its name, and the name and reality match. This is a new milestone and the development of Jinta has opened a new era.


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